To describe something outstanding or something awesome
I saw you wearing those shoes again the other day, they're so Bamb!


Your work is so Bamb
by chop1980 November 20, 2012
Top Definition
Bamb noun:

A badass dude. American aka Avichay
Dude you are such a bamb.
by Cool Bamb May 19, 2016
Also known as, bad ass mother brother.
by The Bambs Themselves October 07, 2011
a word to express how awesome someone is.
originated from a typo
see also: bomb, cool, sick, wicked, sweet, tasty etc.
sophie is so fricken bamb
by josh_loves_you November 26, 2005
to have bitches at one's balls
Dude, i've reached B.A.M.B. status
by Whammer Tiger October 23, 2008
A Big Ass Mouth Bitch
rather than saying dumb hoe or dumb bitch this is the lazy yet funnier way of addressing a female.

most often attractive female with potential of giving amazing head.
Someone who is stupid or who's head is in the clouds, thus making it all the more fun to call this girl a BAMB
hunter:dude im talking to dana lately.
ryan:really? you gonna get with that.
hunter:pssh bruh that aint a question of course im gettin that she goin to gimme dome.
ryan:haha yeaah i bet shes good at it too and shes easy
hunter:yeah dog she a BAMB
by Shooty Resort and Spa June 09, 2011
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