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Bamalama means that you are just plain country.
If your are still wearing FUBU, then your ass is bamalama.
by TiaNicoleTheOneAnOnly June 27, 2006
giving a girl a nicotine buzz through her clit, going down on a women with a dip in.
I gave her a bamalama, she loved it.
by sixshooter6362 January 02, 2011
A pimp motherfucker who goes at least 8 women in 7 days on a regular basis. Usually has a knife on him and smokes like a chimney, known to smoke 4+ at a time.
After getting head wet for the 3rd time that day, the Bamalama wandered over to his next female victim, puffing another cig.
by BabyBumblesBubblesBee December 31, 2010