1. Word used by people of the caucasian decent in an attempt to be black.

2. A person who is a "mess"

3. The Eastern side of Alabama.
1. White guy: Yo, dogg i wuz fo shiz in da jaint and dat wigga was a bama.
Black guy: word

2. African Republican:DUDE HILLARY CLINTON IS A BAMA!!!African: word up dog.

3. Yeah, I went to Bama the other day to see my aunt.
by Ryan ... June 13, 2007
The opposite of a yankee. used to refer to someone from a southern state. this includes: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, the Carolinas, the Virginias, Maryland, and Delaware. This also can include D.C. when used to describe fishnets and sandals like its cute to wear that nasty shit.
I'm pround to be a yankee...at least i aint no bama
by BadBoy81 August 11, 2005
Extremely sexy and cool girl. Referring to the character Alabama (played by Patricia Arquette) in the 1993 movie 'True Romance'.
Yo! Is that your Bama? You lucky bastard.
by igy July 21, 2004

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