Somebody who,in Italia, is always wrong but pretends to be sure.
really mag guys because it infuriates them to tell they're wrong
Bama: Its like when I'm right I'm right, when I'm wrong I could been right, so I'm still right cause I coulda been wrong, you know, and I'm sorry cause I could be wrong right now, I could be wrong, but if I'm right...
extracted from 50 cent's Get rich or die tryin.
by Nonax March 25, 2006
Anyone named Randy who works at CF.
Randy you are a bama for life.
by another bama May 09, 2005
1) (n) Person who cannot dress, a loser. Short for Alabama, meaning a person from the country, backwards unsophisticated.)
2) (n) Shake, a type of marijuana from the leaves rather than the buds of the hemp plant.
1. "Me and the rest of the bama's"
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003
bad weed
Don't gimme no bama weed
by donnybrook April 30, 2003
A wonderful Southern state. From Huntsville in the north to Mobile in the south, Alabama has a lot to offer. The entire state is steeped in history, with a lot of civil rights precedents set in Montgomery. Home to University of Alabama, which provides great SEC football year after year. Head down to the gulf shores, and relax as warm breezes blow in off the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone here is friendly and happy, unlike most parts of the United States. I see how some people have taken to saying BAMA as a sign of disrespect, mainly in the Washington DC area. That's fine.. keep your silly perceptions. I would much rather be sipping a margarita on the beach in Mobile instead of dodging bullets in DC. The only thing in DC is criminals and just more criminals. All you yankees can stay up north, noone wants you down here anyways. God bless Alabama!
Washington DC resident: Damn it's cold. I can't even get out to shovel my driveway with all the bullets flying around.

Alabama resisdent: Gee, that's too bad. I'm gonna head down to the beach and watch the hotties in their bikinis walk by. Hey bartender, bring us another pitcher of margaritas.

by SenorMusk December 17, 2007
Someone who says or does something that is to outrageous for any other word.
You know you could have left that outfit at home. Yeah, you BAMA now.
by S!ngle_2k November 19, 2003
1. Word used by people of the caucasian decent in an attempt to be black.

2. A person who is a "mess"

3. The Eastern side of Alabama.
1. White guy: Yo, dogg i wuz fo shiz in da jaint and dat wigga was a bama.
Black guy: word

2. African Republican:DUDE HILLARY CLINTON IS A BAMA!!!African: word up dog.

3. Yeah, I went to Bama the other day to see my aunt.
by Ryan ... June 13, 2007

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