(v) To poop or defecate.

(n) Synonym for poop or human feces
Oh man Steve, my butt feels like an about to explode vacuum bag, I better go bam bam.

Yo, Stevie, check out my bam bam, I think I could clog the toitee with this bam bam.
by Cricket Thatcher July 27, 2008
The sexy version of Barbara... or a silly nickname for Bam Margera. hehe...
I heartchu BamBam!
by Kitty T-sall April 15, 2004
A Bam Bam is a greasy spotty, smelly child who lives in a den made of farts and picks his own bum and throws balls at ladders and they hit him in the face, his mum makes him come in at 2 pm and if he's late gets grounded he also robs from asda and has a friend called the fire who gives his dad kisses, he also bums off Xbox 360 Fart Edition, Bam Bam's also fart in the local libraries and they really smell like greasy poo, Anyone who fit this category is a Bam Bam,

NOTE: A bam Bam does'nt reffer to a person thats real it is aonly a name to refer to smelly people who like gay stuff
Im friends with a Bam Bam....i need a life
by bfunnykids2k11111 June 06, 2011
a Guy Like Mike 'situation'
Who Brings Up His Nickname Whenever Possible,

Huge Flirt & (Playa)

He Reuses His Moves On a Girl, Takes Her To Bed
& When He's Done Used It Again On Her Friend

But He's Hot, & Super Cool....
Girl One " OMG dude, that guy is looking at me "

Girl Two " is he the one licking his lips? "
Girl One " i know what that means ! he wants me :D "
Girl Two " He's Such a Bam Bam "
by KimmiKammin September 07, 2010
A Big nosed punk who is scared of the dark.
Swears every girl is on his Shit.
When in reality the just smells like shit.
He swears hes tough and knows it all.
Has a mole the size of a penny on Widdlee PeePee.
Pimple Hulk Face
Need I say More?
Guy: Hey baby I saw you looking at me . Look your hot and all but im just not interested.

Sally : Im not interested you jerk! I was just saying Hi ! I'm Married!

Guy : Its okay baby ! I can work With that!

Sally : Ugh!! You just like Bam Bam!
by iThinkiPooted August 08, 2009
1. used after an exciting statement, sentence, or phrase.

2. used to express how awesome something is
"Eggs are the bomb.com BAM BAM"

person 1: are we going to the movies tonight
person 2: hell yeah we are BAM BAM
by Avatar Agent XXX June 27, 2009
The act of which an individual will suck on a woman's nipple, while beating themself in the face with the other breast. (VERY IMPORTANT) While beating oneself in the face with the breast, the individual must firmly state, "BAM BAM" "BAM BAM"
I bam bammed that bitch last night.
by James Brenner March 31, 2007

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