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Living in one of the 5 non-life-threatening areas in Baltimore City-- Fed Hill, Fells, Canton, Harbor East or Mt. Vernon, Baltimore girl is in her 20's, has a mediocre 9-5 office job, teaches in the county (because city schools are too dangerous) or she works as a nurse at Hopkins. Baltimore Girl is a wanna-be hardcore sports fan who is found flirting around in her "favorite" Ravens jersey each Sunday during home game tailgates or away game drinking sessions known on facebook statuses as Sunday Funday. She could care less about football, but since 98% of her male-counterparts are die-hard sports fans with 7 fantasy teams and take off Mondays after their team loses due to being heartbroken- she must at least seem interested in sports to keep them interested. Baltimore girl can be found at a Merritt gym.. where she takes body-pump classes in attempts to ward off those extra beer lbs from her alcohol infested wkends.. In the summer, she tans by the gym pool and drinks overpriced drinks from the bar. She gossips to friends about her puppy, Frank, complains about the meathead or private school jerk who never called after she slept w/ him on the first night.. and wonders why she doesnt have better luck with men. Once she settles down, Bmore Girl will move out of the city to raise her fam; unless of course shes smart and moves to a city with more culture- DC, NYC, or somewhere in CA. But chances are, Bmore girl was born, raised and will raise her own kids in the lovely Bawl-more too
Baltimore Girl Facebook Status: Getting crazzzy tonight in Fed Hill with some sexy bitches. Love my girls. <3
by sexysue02 November 16, 2010
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