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A ungainly, stupid, clumsy ill mannered and loud adolescent. Use in Ireland derives from the African tribe the Baloobas who were involved with clashes with Irish UN Peace Keeping troops in the Congo in the late 20th century. Often prefixed with "Big".
You big balooba! Look what you've done!
by Cherro November 21, 2005
38 19
To get Baloobas. Derived from Ireland, where Balooba is a thick eejit. To get baloobas or to go baloobas, is a set of behaviour occurring when a person has a consumed a large amount of drink or drugs and behaves wildly, erratically, but all the while having fun
I went to the Big Chill festival, and went completely Baloobas
by shenaniganz00 August 18, 2006
45 12
A person who is cute and bouncy, and generally full of energy (usually of a childish nature)
"Wow He's pretty baloobas"
by Holly777 June 05, 2005
13 25
The skin between your nostrils.
Hey Dave, my balooba is pretty sore. Maybe I should stop picking my nose.
by Carmen Rogers November 12, 2007
3 16
To descibe a cute and busty woman.
"She's cute, she's baloobas."
by Michelle April 26, 2005
14 29