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Started in the ghetto of Harlem new york by the cousin of Sirchadakiss of the Nintendo worlds forum, Joseph hogan (Sirchadakiss's cousin), Sirchadakiss however made this phrase known on the interwebz on a forum arguing with another forum member, the phrase "Ballzonyourchin" is the figuratively way of Teabagging, it really has a lot of meanings, its mostly used as a way to disrespect or put down a person's ego or taunt a person disrespectfully but in a funny way, and to simply say STFU in a comedic ghetto way, a black persons alternative of saying "You got PWNED!!" in a online game.
Random guy #1: "hey boi, you see what I did thar!? Get Raped!"

Random guy #2: "O RLY?!? watch this shit!"

*frags Random guy #1*

"BALLZONYOURCHIN! fuck is you talkin' bout my man!?!?

Other people on Xbox live: LOL!! XD PWNED!!

Randon guy #1: -__-
by Sirchadakiss March 29, 2009
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