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Ballsandwich is a term that means, when taken superficially, any and every situation in which there are any variety of balls pressed up against two or more other objects, but to take the word in this light would be a misnomer. Ballsandwich is a transcendental idea that represents everything distasteful in the mind of a college male. As such, ballsandwich is not divided up into discrete units, but instead exists as a continuum, like soup. A person can have some ballsandwich, but when referring to the plurl of ballsandwich (ballsandwii), one must be discussing more than one CLASS of ballsandwich. For example, someone can want ballsandwich, but if they want two or more distinct kinds of ballsandwich, the person is correct in asking for ballsandwii.
Ryan: Adam, I'm feeling very hungry, wanna go get some lunch?
Adam: Ryan, you're such a tool and I hate you. Go eat some ballsandwich.
Ryan: Adam, I really don't like you, and one of these days I'm going to kill you.
Adam: On second thought Ryan, you should eat ballsandwii, and throw yourself off a cliff.
Ryan: Thanks Adam, I'm so glad I'm rooming with you.
by 113 Hunter Hall February 26, 2008
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