Balls Out means many things. 1. Literal balls out of pants 2. No fear 3. Goin for it 100%
it's what we are. Steel Panther is Balls Out.

- Stix
by better than tessa September 04, 2011
Doing something at your maximum effort. Running so fast that your testicles fall out of your shorts and become exposed.
The pole vaulter went balls out over the bar.
by the cheese man December 18, 2013
1. To man up and just do something traumatic, out of your comfort zone, or just facing your fear.

2. To Give something your all.
Pj: Dude I'am such a pussy. I don't know if I can give this speech in front of all that people.

Me: Dude, I know that speech is worth 50 percent of your grade and your out of xanax. But you gotta go balls out on this one man.
by IamArminNowYouSkank January 19, 2011
When playing beer pong and you miss the table with your shot. As punishment for this embarassing lack of ability the shooter must expose his balls until the next player takes his shot.

This is the real way to play, as opposed to the 'partner forgoes their shot' rule
John takes aim with his ping pong ball

John misses the cup arrangement and air balls over the table

Crowd yells "Balls out!"

John hangs more than just his head until the next shot is taken.
by SirLink49 March 05, 2010
In rugby when the other team sees the ball has left the scrump
"balls out," go tackle him
by tuce February 17, 2004
When things get really tough or crazy, and one has to try harder to accomplish a goal.
Holy shit, the football team scored a point under a minute on the 4th quarter! The other team has no other choice but to go balls out, dude!
by Alphadestrious January 03, 2004
Full-count at a basball game.
"Top of the 6th, shortstop Tony Smith is going Balls-Out tonight."
by Clay August 23, 2003
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