-- a {man's} courage
It takes balls to actually use your real name on UD, like I do. But it gives your definitions more authentification, you pansies. If ya really want your word to count, you can’t be afraid to let the world know that you were the one who said it.
by Victor Van Styn October 04, 2005
objects that bouce off retard kids foreheads.

A mans nut suck.

A transvestites flesh sack.

A place thats fun to be tongued.

Example 1. Grab that ball over there and bounce it off retard Timmy's forehead!

Example 2. Retard Timmy just shit his pants, seriously find a whore to go lick the shit off his balls.

Example 3. I was blowing this guy dressed as a village person, and when I groped his balls... his sack was empty!

Example 4. Retard Timmy is fighting a chimpanzee, man that ratard has some monster balls!
by The Flying Yankman July 17, 2009
the things inside your sac
i gee i don't know the thing you feel when you fidangle with yourself. Your Balls
by mr.shityballs December 05, 2008
a.k.a- sports equipment, male genetals, testes, testicles, bing bangs, family jewels, yippy dippies, flap jacks, noodle poodles, nuts, bouncey balls,
thing-a-magiggys, balls of steel, meatloaf, hoggys and grinders, navy beans navy beans navy beans, sloppy joes, slop, sloppy joes yaa, gooch, boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew
-dont put your balls on the stove
-it hurts when you put your balls in a sharks mouth
-i hate balls that aren't round
-dont forget your salad! says balls
-im made of meatballs and gravey, i am spaghetti
-ball your mom
by Christian Ridley June 04, 2007
plural of ball. spherical object often used in sports.
throw me the ball
pass the ball
ow the ball hit me in the balls, now i cant breathe.
by giantslaya November 13, 2005
A round rubber thing you play sports with pervert!
Yo pass me the ball!" "Aigt dude.
by Nicked1232 June 04, 2010
1. A word used to express anger or emotion.
2. Something that shoots jizz out of you cock.
3. Used to show disgust or grossness.
4. A chick likes to gobble these in her mouth, balls.
1.(man)"BALLS!!! You can get the fuck out of my house you dirty cheating bitch." (woman) "Its not what it looks like he was just fixing my skirt"
2. Suck my nut whore.
3. That shit was as gross as balls
by Father_Balls April 05, 2008

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