round sacks that surround the penis, holding spurm. Also round hollow bouncy items that are used in alot of sports.
ouch! you punched me in the balls!

you get the ball!
by sexsexsexsex243567654 August 07, 2011
When something doesnt go as planned.

Tits is awesome - Balls is suck.
Hey i wont be able to make it out tonight...

Balls! i was really hoping to see you...
by LauraLee April 29, 2008
a woman's boobs; those bouncy things.
"Look at those bouncy balls!"
"Yah. She's fat."
by O MAI April 14, 2008
They are inert.
It doesn't make a bit of difference, guys... The balls are inert.
by Uncle Anonymous August 15, 2008
A slightly more polite substitue for the word "fuck".
Who the balls are you and what the balls are you doing here? Get the balls away from me!
by Edwin Crosby June 28, 2007
The lump of bone sticking out of your elbow, commonly activated by ones finger being pressed inside, and then flicking, sending a ripple of numbness up ones forearm. This is known as activating ones balls. Ball activators are commonly kalily jackers as well.
I activated Peen's balls and he yelped
by Sebastiancee June 26, 2007
A reference to something that is very good or amazing.
Hey man, that song was balls. or Wow, that move was totally balls man!
by lyricalbastard August 02, 2006

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