1. To describe someone getting the best of another in a friendly manner.
2. To describe an event or situation being overwhelmingly good.
3. A valiant effort with a known limited probability of success.
1. "You beat me here first, balls man...."
2. "Dude that concert last night was balls..."
3. "Thats was balls of you to jump in during that
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by Randall211 October 16, 2006
(n)- The plural of ball.
Tom: Wow, I really like balls.
Joe: Baseball or Basketballs?
Tom: Baseballs, of course!
#tennis #sport #basketball #baseball #golf
by Kivster September 21, 2006
An adjective used to describe something, well, BALLS! It's a GOOD thing. i.e. "Look at that new Bentley! That thing is fucking BALLS!"
"Oh my God, she's taking it up her fucking ass and LOVING it! That's balls."
by jdog1096 May 19, 2005
A place where females can hit a male when extremely pissed off, and wants to make sure he understands her point.
When maya found out that john had cheated on her, he gave him a kick in his balls to make sure he would never repeat this action
#testicles #scrotum #ball-sack #testes #dick
by caleb987 January 26, 2011
agreeing with someone: in reference to 'yaya' (sounds like yea yea) which means balls in polish.

"its cold outside!", "balls!"
#ballsack #nut #testicle #yaya #bloho
by onus October 08, 2007
a.) when you find out some horrible news, realize something bad has happened to you or your friends, or that you are in a bad situation. Started by Hobbs and Ramey in the summer of 2005, around the time that Ramey wrecked his car. Can be said as "balls on your chin" or any other body part for that matter. If the mishap is extreme, could even be "balls all over your face" or "balls on your car", etc. Often replaced with the word, "Whammy."
Ramey: "Dude, I totally wrecked my car tonight."
Hobbs: "Man, that's balls on your chin..."
#balls #whammy #balls on ya #balls on your chin #damnit
by Ramey October 11, 2006
Balls -- When you are 18 you attend college out of state and you meet some kids from Chicago you tell you about a trick. The trick is you claim you lost your Drivers License and your home state will send you an official document with a state water seal and the state you are in along with your student body card will issue you another idea.

If the birth date changes on the form with a state seal the issuing state of state of new ID license will give you one with what ever the birth date is on the state seal. So with the magic of hair spray and a cue tip and purchasing an old type writer you become 21 from 18 by taking thenew improved document to the DMV
Balls -- Balls part comes in when you have a Fake ID and you are 19 but the ID is attached to your real social security number you get a job tending bar. W-2's and W-9's so you tend bar and you ask men for their ID you reject some of them because they can produce any back up and you are the responsible Bartender. Then teh women come in and no questions asked. If the men I reject only knew I was 19.
#balls #liquor #bars #true stories #humor
by RustlerHustler December 06, 2011
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