1. n-the soft parts of a man where sperm is produced
2. n-the soft parts of ourselves, that make us vulnerable or insecure
1. Don't kick someone in the balls, it's not nice.
2. Smaug tried desperately to conceal his balls--the soft spot on his left breast unprotected by his scales.
2, alt. To keep anyone from noticing that his knowledge set was full of balls, Mike was always blustering and boasting.
by bodhibound November 02, 2007
the sack below the males penis. can be wrickly,or saggy.
" your balls are discusting, saggy, and wrickly.
by Shandy Rodriguez February 22, 2007
1. To describe someone getting the best of another in a friendly manner.
2. To describe an event or situation being overwhelmingly good.
3. A valiant effort with a known limited probability of success.
1. "You beat me here first, balls man...."
2. "Dude that concert last night was balls..."
3. "Thats was balls of you to jump in during that
by Randall211 October 16, 2006
(n)- The plural of ball.
Tom: Wow, I really like balls.
Joe: Baseball or Basketballs?
Tom: Baseballs, of course!
by Kivster September 21, 2006
An adjective used to describe something, well, BALLS! It's a GOOD thing. i.e. "Look at that new Bentley! That thing is fucking BALLS!"
"Oh my God, she's taking it up her fucking ass and LOVING it! That's balls."
by jdog1096 May 19, 2005
1) A curse synonmous with any other monosyllabic swear word.

2) When used in conjunction with "...on your...," it becomes an expression synonymous with "Fuck you"; IE "Fuck you" means "Go get yourself raped," thus as the only thing fathomably worse than rape is teabagging, crying "Balls on your day, week, life... etc." is a curse on one's life.

3) Synonmous with "bullshit"; Thus, "Calling balls" is insisting that something is false or counterfeit, ala' calling bullshit or shenanigans.
1) (Upon stubbing one's toe): "Balls, that hurt!

2) That guy just cut me off in traffic! Balls on his day!

3) Wait, she's dating YOU? I call balls.
by Curtis X Meyer November 10, 2010
Plural For BALL

usually bouncy

Teacher: "Will you pass out the basket balls please.

Student: Sure.
by rudypatootie May 04, 2009

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