Used to replace the word "fuck". Most effective in places where use of the f-word word is not acceptable. (ie. work, school, parent's house)
Shut the balls up you mother-ballser!
by papa_squat_0516 March 14, 2011
the two round object in the males scrotum that hit each other when kicked that hurt like hell when being a pervert...
God Damb She kicked me in the balls!
by Funny Bob Boy November 16, 2012
1. A statement. Sometimes used as a good ice-breaker in awkward silence to make people chuckle. Should be stated firmly and confidently.

2. Plural for a rubber apparatus' filled with air.

3. Males testicles.
Jon: "Sorry I didn't tell you sooner about Jim taking your sisters CD"

Sarah:"It's cool, Jon..."

Jon: "......."

Sarah: "....."

Jon: ".....Balls."
by Zephlar December 14, 2010
an expression of disappointment, annoyance, or disgust.
"Yo, James, we have homework due today!"
"Aww balls..."
by unanimous anonymous September 29, 2007
Used as an expletive, can replace shit, damn, or any other such expletive as a less offensive and more humorous one.
Guy1: Dude, you just lost the game!
Guy2: BALLS!
by Caribou November 08, 2005
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