a word that can said loudly at appropriate times. commonly known as a substitute for words like "crap" or "damn"
Patrick: dude!!! you have 4 minutes to get to school and I drank all of the coffe this morning. by the way, its -4 degrees outside.

Chas: balls . . .
by carabear33 February 05, 2010

when a person freaks out on another person like a psycho, and has no legitimate evidence to back up their snap case.

derived from the word crazy (crazy-nuts-balls)
Dude #1: " Whoa man! that broad is juice snappin on that guy for no reason"

Dude #2: "That chick better check herself before she wrecks herself, shes fuckin balls!!"
by derkizzel parizzel October 04, 2007
1) Where sperm is made ... to suck, lick or bang with. this is called sex or masterbation. 2) A males house 3) a males sex organ along with the penis
My girlfriend sucked my dick as she rubbed my BALLS!
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
What Barack Hussein Obama completely lacks.
President Obama could not be reached for comment due to him having Vladimir Putin's balls in his mouth.
by hideous blob September 01, 2014
3.5 grams of drugs (1/8 of an ounce). often used for heroin, including black tar. often the size of a small bouncy ball.
"i got pulled over last night and panicked. i had to eat a ball"
"no way! did you get fucked up?!?"
"yeah i shit my pants on the drive home"
by mad max g February 04, 2014
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