A small person.

A pet name for a kinky person.

Someone who's round and likes to bounce on the ground.
Person:' Aww you're my little ball'
by Llama God September 10, 2006
1. slang for testicles
2. substitute for fuck,shit,gay,forget, almost anything
3.Something to yell in a large crowd than watch ppl look around to see who said it.
4. The new word for guts or bravness/ courage
don't kick me in the balls.

balls on this. this suck balls. holy balls.

balls! *straight laced white middle aged buisnessman* who said that?!
by ranger rimjob March 17, 2005
To have alot of money and nice things.
Dat nigga ballin' outta control.
by mkic0n January 20, 2003
verb: to have sex.
Myron was balling Rebecca when her rommate walked in on them.
by not_really_me February 08, 2004
Prominent word in a classic bit of doggerel.
"Balls!" cried the queen. "If I had too (two), I could be king."

The king laughed. Not because he wanted to, but because he had too (two).
by Ratfish February 23, 2008
8th ounce of cocaine (or occasionally another powdered drug), from eight-ball
I can't get you a gram, dude only slangs balls
by T-Science May 10, 2003
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