An extremely underrated YouTube channel that has a ridiculous amount of hilarious quotes through different situations in their videos. Pretty much does not have enough views for what they deserve.
"My name is Bob Trufont. I am a businessman. I stay at the Double Tree as often as possible"
"Mom and Dad, I am running away. And if you want to know, I plan on hopping on with a ban of gypsies outside of Flagstaff Arizona. From there I will befriend a young puppy named jonathan winslow and we will go on fantastic adventures to far off lands" Balloonshop
by Pewhey1001 October 04, 2011
Top Definition
A highly unknown group of guys on youtube that make possibly the funniest comedy video's I've seen. It's similar to smosh but will actually make you laugh.
Balloonshop is f*ckin hilarious
Brahan's books
Learning is fun
take it to the next level

These are all great video's.
by g fizzle for rizzle November 19, 2008
Balloon Shop- Most definitely the greatest youtube channel out there with hits such as

Hey Ben
Take it to the Next Level
Snack Pack
I'm Listening to my Radio, Derrick!

and much much more
Guy 1: did you see the new balloon shop video

Guy 2: yeah, dude it was hilarious
by Youtube Lover June 04, 2009
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