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Balloon Boy Dad Syndrome is where father suffers from disorder centering on anti-social phobias and beliefs heightened by a form of Parent Alienation Syndrome and anti-government and counter-culture agenda, and then successfully indoctrinates his family with this dogma. He then attempts to gain fame and fortune by promoting it through his family by seeking a reality show which promotes his perspective, but publicly fails and only gains infamy and notoriety.
The Balloon Boy Dad believed that humanity descended from aliens and spoke of launching home-made flying saucers into storms and taught his children to lie to the authorities about the Balloon Boy hoax so that he could promote a reality show based promoting the scientific investigation and promotion of this belief.

The Balloon Boy Dad suffered from Balloon Boy Dad Syndrome because he tried to promote his beliefes through his family on a reality show.
by PatrickDallas May 02, 2010
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