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1: noun. A small town in California's central valley thats hard to find, easily forgetable, and half the time doesn't exist anyway. Any persons in or from Ballico shouldn't be trusted, simply because of the lack of proof that the town exists.

2: noun, adjective. Something so strange and out of place, its physically impossible. The very existance of such an object could only occur by human manipulation of nature.
1: Guy 1: Dude, I was hanging out in Ballico with my friend --
Guy 2: Get away from me!!!! No wonder you have been acting strange all day!!! What have you done with my friend?!!!!!

2: Girl 1: Did you see that homeless man with that fur coat? It looked like it was just out of the store?
Girl 2: Thats way ballico!!! Someone had to have given it to him!
by nvoss June 20, 2011
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