The state of being ready to ball and/or get down. The balled up individual is typically dressed in his finest clothing for whichever activity hes getting ready for.
Look at his watch, tims, crisp jeans, button up, earrings. Hes focused. He's Balled up.

Nice Jordan's, Jerome. You look balled up.
by john duffy October 15, 2005
Top Definition
Something or someone is wrecked, smashed up, f'd up etc...
"And u sent tears from heaven when u seen my car get balled up" - Kanye West on his accident from the Album - College Dropout (Never Let Me Down)
by holla_at_ya_boy March 06, 2004
wen u get slaughtered in a basketball game
the varsity college balled up the preschoolers . it was 0-99999
by IloveFacebook123 January 25, 2011
When you embarass, defeat, and/or humiliate your opponent in a game of Basketball.

(Used often in slang terminology on basketball courts)
::John and Phillip play a game of basketball and John wins 15 to 2::

John:Damn, you just got balled you up.
by DJV July 13, 2005
High on cocaine.
We were all balled up at his bachelor party after doing lines off the strippers ass that we got in a fight with the neighbor.
by RRichardson December 30, 2010
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