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To get screwed over, tricked, or cheated out of something.
That guy totally stole your girlfriend, dude you just got ballcocked.
by JP33A February 01, 2009
5 7
part in the toilet that lets in the water. also known as a fill valve.
my toilet keeps running. i need to fix the ballcock.
by plumber rick December 29, 2004
49 7
The condition where by ones testicles retract upwards creating a singular solid formation with the penis. Usually due to a hefty kick aimed at the nether-region of a male, often induced by an inappropriate comment or touch
That bitch gave me a right ballcock with that kick I only felt her tit
by Dsto February 18, 2005
16 11
(noun) A strange and rare condition where the affected has one large sac and testicle in place of a penis. Always coupled with Penis-Nuts.
See Penis-Nuts.
a: I saw Martin showering in the locker room today. that ball-cock really freaks me out.
b: I know, it's just not natural.
a: Makes you wonder, when he gets a boner, is it in the penis-nuts or the ball-cock?
b: Truly one of life's mysteries.
by kevcoch January 28, 2008
2 1

Referring to a mans genitalia. Can refer to a man or a woman.

Prounounced with an "ax"
"The he got himself kicked right in the frikkin ballcocks!"

"Your mutha's ballcocks is so big, she looks like she's sittin on a bean bag chair!"
6 7