The act of getting kicked, kneed, and/or grabbed by the balls for excessive pain and pleasure.
No one does it better than Ashley when she ballbusts Mike...especially when he doesn't see it coming! ;)
by livin_in_paradise January 14, 2013
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The act of kicking a man in the testicles.
Bitch gave him a hard ballbust.
by Your guide to female vulnerability February 23, 2005
Trauma to the testicles. Can be delivered by kicking, kneeing, trampling, slapping or beating for the sexual and emotional stimulation of the male and whoever is delivering the trauma. Is part of cbt fun.
My husband wanted a ball bust last night so I put on my stilettos and kicked him in the testicles after we both got naked.
by Nancy likes it! May 31, 2006
Any pain driven connection to the testicles and scrotum (preferably by a woman).
Sometimes before I cum I like to have my girl ballbust me so I have a more intense rush.
by Dirk March 23, 2005
What a man does to a girls bootie when
he slams he nuts on her ass so much
his testicles feel like he shot out a
gallon of sperm in a second.
I ball busted on my chick and damn it
was good
by bog January 11, 2003
An act where a person gets assaulted in any way which makes them shocked or deeply insulted. Usually in a sickening, or Jon Gilbert way.
That was a ballbust when you called me a fag in front of my math teacher.

That was a ballbust when you made me cry.

That was a ballbust when you burnt my house down and killed my mom in the process.
by All People From Iraq March 29, 2004
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