a basketballer
gonna be a baller, shot caller!
by Holla Back! January 26, 2003
someone who is good and basketball and can majorly ball peeps up unlike malcolm
noah is a balla and he played malcolm in 1 on 1 and wooped his ass
by noah January 06, 2005
c-h-i-n-g to da y!! chingy...high roller
"im a balla high roller baby"
by CowyPotter December 15, 2004
The ballas is a gang in GTA: San Andreas, the ballas gang often wears purple coloured clothing, the ballas also have a rival gang called the Grove st gang who the leader is the main character named CJ AKA Carl Johnson.
Grove st gang member 1 : Nigga lets cap some ballas!
Grove st gang member 2 : *grabs SMG and car keys* Nigga lets go!
by Razan likes heavy rain October 30, 2014
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