when your balls sweat after a long time of playing a sport and the inside of your pants rubb along the sweat and make small clumps called ballcheese
man dude after playing football for like 4 hrs not only did i get a bad case of swampass i got horrible ballcheese
by danny wright August 22, 2005
Top Definition
A greasy , creamy substance with a pungent sweat-like odor that forms in the folds of the male scrotum area. It has also been referred to as ball-cheese and nut-butter
- I didn't take a shawer after work , so when she went down on me and started licking my nuts, she got a few good servings of fresh ball cheese.

-Some women just got hooked because I always have a fresh supply of ball cheese waiting for them.

by KKK619 March 20, 2008
cheese incrusted in the family jules
My friend has a really bad case of ball cheese
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
this nasty ass orange,yellowish shit incrusted on the ballz and he got is soo bad he gotta have sumone help him scrap it off or the DR. said his nuts are gunna fall off!Dat means that yo man dont wash his jewlz ladies ya gotta kick him to the curb! ya feel me!
jess~"yo megan, your man got ball cheese so bad i can smell his rank ass from here!"
megg~ "ya i know he asked me to help him scrap da shit off, i was like hell no fool, you trippin!"
by JESSICA July 13, 2004
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