A mass of hair growing around the the male pubic region.
i've got a luscious v of hair going from my chest pubes down to my ball-fro.
by sEtH307 January 01, 2009
Top Definition
The excessive curly hair on a man's balls
It's like a jungle down there, but at least my ball fro is sick
by roberte8 July 27, 2008
an afro like plume of coarse long black curlies ( pubes ) located above and around the male genitalia sometimes reaching the choda and even the balloon knot
"My chest pubes go all the way down to my ball fro"
by Choda Master August 07, 2008
the pubic hair on a mans balls
ive got a luxurious trail from my chest pubes down to my ballfro.
by tash!=] December 13, 2008
Bushy pubic hair on the scrotum
you need to trim that ball fro if you want me to tea bag you
by elvisnme December 11, 2008
A large mass of curly swealty puffy twisted pubic hair on your balls
Dude! My ballfro is itching the hell out of me
by ballhair175 September 14, 2008
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