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The act of suck a dick
Meke me a ballcat
by FGM July 10, 2003
A ball cat is a male cat that hasn't been de-sexed and still has its massive hairy scrotum dangling round under its ass.
LOL did you guys check out that Ball cat? It was rank!!
by 69winkies March 09, 2008
ball + cat = when you say BALL+CAT the song of these two words is similar of a word in portuguese ( BRAZILIAN ) that mean BOQUETE. And BOQUETE in portuguese is blowjob in english
Please do a ball cat for me girl like brazilian style?

huh ;)
by luizrocha June 06, 2006
In Brazilian Portuguese - Bola Gato
Faz um ballcat pra mim!
by us69 January 27, 2011