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When a man walks with his chin pulled downward as though there is an invisible string connecting his chin to his balls.
Dude that Brian Hastings in CTU; he's a serious Ball chin!
#balls #chin #string #man #invisible
by GeophB March 18, 2010
2 Words related to Ball chin
n. the biggest fag possible
Palmer was a ballchin last night when he drank his Pedilyte during his poker game
#fag #queer #douche bag #gay #dumb
by Uncle duck November 20, 2006
When a person has chin that looks like a ball sack, usually do to a large dimple.
Mr. Teddy: "Tom Brady is so lucky for being married to that Gisele Bundchen."
Mrs. Teddy: "Yea considering he has the biggest ball chin I've ever seen."
#ball #chin #sack #dimple #tom
by Chimm May 17, 2010
When a person smiles and it looks like they have a single ball on their chin.
"hahahaha look at him smile! he has a ball chin!"
#balls #chin #smile #nick #wall
by bfmv_jewfin_25 January 24, 2010
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