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Word is derived from a strange kid who has balls growing out of his ears.


1. Some one who throws a hilarious tantrum because they cannot handle the fact that they fail at life.

2. Some one who takes a sharpie and draws on other people because they want an excuse to touch them.

3. Some one who constantly practices solving his rubik's cube so that they may hopefully one day get a friend.

4. Some one who will settle for a person of the same sex because they know that no person of the opposite gender will ever want them

different forms of the word: ball eared (verb), ball ear (if they have one ball on their ear)
Person 1: Did you see that kid playing with his rubiks cube during lunch?
Person 2: Yeah. He's such a ball ears.

Person 1: Dude!!! That loser drew on me in Algebra today!
Person 2: Oh dang! Sounds like you got ball eared.
by i got ball eared November 15, 2010

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