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When someone's stress level explodes to an epic proportion and a 5-minute f-bomb-laden tirade is unleashed on the unlucky soul who was in the wrong place at the wrong time -- much like Christian Bale on the T4 set.
Pam was trying to study for her midterms in the library but the kid across the table kept tapping his pencil to his ipod making her Bale out and get suspended from the library for a week.
by BlagoGal February 03, 2009
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(n. from the same root as 'baleful'):
(1) an expensive and hasty government bailout of an entire industry
(2) a government bailout that creates negative incentives for corporate executives while doing little to resolve an underlying economic crisis
(3) a government bailout that causes more harm than good
Time will tell whether the Troubled Asset Relief Program is a bale-out that hurts the economy over the long-run.
by wellwell February 01, 2009
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A drinking game played to the recording of Christian Bale going absolutely fucking insane. Every time Bale says "fuck" or any variation of that word, you take a drink.
"Yo, We all gonna be on the floor, after this round of Bale out!"

Bale Out
by imaloserbabysowhydon'tyakillme February 05, 2009
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Going ape shit on someone for little to no reason.

being a total prick.
The economy is in the toilet, I need to baleout on someone(you).
by Christian Fail February 04, 2009
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Verb; As a successful public figure who makes their professional career out of Wall Street, a bale out is the action of acting like Christian Bale on a movie set and publicly making fun of President Oreos stimulus package.
(MSNBC live broadcast)

Rick: I don't care what they say about black guys packages, your stimulus package sucks balls! Show me the money!

Jerry: (At home) Now that's what I call a bale out!
by Jerry 'Mark' McGuire February 26, 2009
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