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The pot-smoking capitol of New York.
i live in baldwinsville and i have a neighbor whose garage is literally stacked wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling with boxes filled with bags of weed. he sells it from his house during the week and goes to canada on the weekends to get more. welcome to the pot-smoking capitol of new york.
by BaldwinsvilleChild June 17, 2008
aka: bville

the small town in cny on the outside of syracuse. known as the drug capital. if you dont smoke pot theres a very high chance you know someone that does. theres nothing to do there. daily life consists of going into "town" and getting pancakes at the diner. then going to "the island" on papermill island and listening to sucky bands. they have a pretty good school system besides the fact that the highschool is run like a jail, and in junior high and middle school the kids are insane and get busted for having sex and bringing in drugs. the superintendent is a crazy lady that is heard to be from alaska, she doesnt ever give students a break for a snowday and hardly ever have a delay. and when she does its too late or all the neighboring schools did the same thing. other than that is a quiet town, that no one can stand. and people go off to college and find themselves eventually moving back.
"where do you go to school"
"oh i hear theres nothing to do there"
"no, not really"
by im from baldwinsville January 10, 2009
One of the best towns in CNY (Central New York) Look around, people. Have you seen Cicero? Phoenix? Fulton? Cato?! The only town that could possibly compete is Liverpool, and their town runs down a single street. People who can entertain themselves with friends, food, drugs, crazy summer nights, diner runs at 3am, sunsets at the point, and quiet evenings at small cafes will love B'ville!!!! Many of us will grow up and go our separate ways, but we will never forget our days in B'ville!!!! With the best friends ever!!!!
"Hey, where do you live?"
"Dude, I hate you."
A.K.A : B'ville

No where town somewhere outside of Syracuse, NY. Has a "downtown" and its best feature is an "island" with an amplitheater. No social life can sustain life here. If you ever find yourself in Baldwinsville, run away.
I'm from Baldwinsville.
by Steph January 28, 2004
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