Quite possibly the worst school in Dundee. Actually in Scotland....no wait in Britain! No change that to ever in existence.
I use the term School VERY loosley here.
aBy definition school is generally where you learn things...
Baldragon on the other hand is a building where you go on a daily basis to be treated to overwhelming doses of Meglomania and Inequality
the staff are a bunch of complete assholes
This school sucks! It's just like Baldragon Academy!
by Mr George Laidlaw April 09, 2005
Top Definition
Baldragon Academy (aka Balshaggin...not the smartest nickname anyone's ever made...) is the second worst school in Dundee.
1. I'd rather go to Baldragon Academy, at least they shoot their neds.

2. Baldragon is way better than *insert crappy school here*
by Nog A Radlab March 16, 2007
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