a strtegic game that is hard to learn how to play correctly.
Only people who want to do something else play this and the people who put this game down cant play Bakugan.
by Kenton Bomber May 23, 2009
Top Definition
A card/marble game requiring Bakugan marbles and metal gate cards.
A Bakugan is rolled onto a metal gate card to open up.
Bakugan come in six attributes, and each Bakugan has a number called "G power" G power is what a Bakugan needs to beat another.
The Bakugan with the highest number wins.
"Let's play Bakugan!"
"fine, but don't use that 800G bakugan."

by POKO!kitty July 20, 2009
The lamest anime/game ever created, when used to describe someone or something it is used to imply they are REALLY lame and/or gay.
A: Dude stop playing bakugan (Dude quit being gay/lame)

B: Dude, eating cereal without milk, is so bakugan.
by Don NuBreed August 07, 2009
bakugan: an idiotic game created in Japan to keep the simple minded busy.
Nerd 1: Oh Em GEE! Did you play Bakugan yesterday?
Nerd 2: Like always!
Jock: Who wants a swirrly?
by Ashleysmith61505 January 18, 2009
The mixure of Bukkake and Gokkun ; when a group of men ejaculate on a woman's (or another man's) face and catch the excess semen in a cup and proceed to drink it.
Yo man, we're about to go bukkake some chick, you in?

Friend: nah man bukkake is amature, let's give her the old bakugan and get wild!
by M-Dog D February 15, 2011
Noun. A piece of plastic, just like the ones you get in those filthy fast food restaurant meals for children. Probably made in China. Middle school peoples obsess about them. Why?!
by urb&ictionary July 09, 2009
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