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One Who Gets All The Females , Everyone Loves Him , Gets All The Poontang , Loves To Fight , Real NIgga , Loves Playing Basketball , He Raps And Sings . No ONe Can Compare .
Josiah Hargrove ,

" Hey Look At Bakerboy , That My Man , Awe Man You Are VERY Lucky '

" I Love Listening To Bakerboy Rap && Sing , He Makes Me Wet "
by Yung Juice March 14, 2012
Someone who prefers not to have intercourse with a woman, but simply to pleasure them self while staring at them.
oh my gosh! You're going out with Louis? He's very attractive, but how is he in bed?

Ehh... He's a bit of a baker boy.
by Che La Luna May 25, 2015
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