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When two men twist their limp dick together, resulting in something that resembles a french braid.
My friend offered me the baker's delight. Unknowing of what it was, I accepted the friendly gesture.

A piss-drunk sex move for gay men.
by DrowningInMagots April 18, 2008
When a man reaches the point of orgasm and ejaculates on his partners "rolls" of fat. Resembling cinnamon rolls.
Baby, I'm feeling hungry, when I cum can I do a Baker's Delight?
by Kinko's September 30, 2010
Engaging in oral with a woman who has a yeast infection.
I was bout to go down on her last night when I started to smell something funny, then she shouted out "I hope you enjoy my BAKER'S DELIGHT!"
by fleetwuud April 17, 2016
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