1.)high, stoned, under the influence of marijuana or equivalent drug.
2.)extremely tired, displaying symptoms of (but not actually) being under the influence of narcotics.

Symptoms for both: glazed eyes, unconsciousness, half-consciousness, hunger, numbness.
1) He was so spaced out that day, just completely baked! I bet you he'll drop out soon.

2) Ugh, dude I went shopping, racing, eating, drinking, skiing, skating, ballin', batting, playing, singing, swimming, climbing, and dancing earlier, and then right before I accidentally shot myself, my gf broke up with me.

{I'm so baked}
by Reali-T Scribe October 28, 2006
When you're high off your ass to the point where you can't even think anymore.

When you're fucking chink eyed.
I am one baked motherfucker.
by KD42 December 22, 2010
stoned/ high, under the influence etc

*interesting fact: in melbourne, they say fried; in sydney we are baked not fried
i just smoked so much weed, i'm baked
by hairy-harry December 05, 2010
See stoned:

related to the after affects of smoking "Pot" also known as happy grass, weed, ganja, dank, bud, moto, sicky icky.

Meaning: Stoned outta your mind.
Shorty hold up. I dont think I can smoke no more. Im feelin' so baked.

by Caseyishigh May 03, 2007
Cooked in an oven. Let's forget the drugs for a moment, shall we?
I love homemade baked brownies.
by pridenpredjudice May 31, 2011
the aftermath of smoking a nice fat blunt!! accompanied by hits from the 3 chamber bong then followed by a rip form the bowl.
dam this is good", "yo pass that shit!!!!" "i cant man this left me baked out of my mind"
by durpaderp December 15, 2010
Verb; to do sexual things with the one and only Bobby Baker. This usually happens at a concert of some sort, usually Brad Paisley. One who get baked is most of the time under the influence of a large amount of alcohol and/or drugs. He/she does not realize that they got baked until the next morning when they are hungover and already dont feel good.
Friend1:" bobby just hooked up with that girl over there"

Friend2:"That bitch just got baked!!"

Friend1:"I dont think she even knows that she just got baked"
by Jed8397 May 17, 2014

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