Fucked up and stoned. Some symptoms are glazed eyes and getting the munchies.
Damn, after taking a few hits, i am so baked.
by Flaberingaks June 27, 2006
Being so fucking stoned you don't know what you are doing.

Yo man i am so baked. Man wanna go get baked? Man i am mad baked
by Asfunorzo May 08, 2008
extremely high on weed, high, stoned
dude last night i got so baked, what happened to that girl i was with?
by Jackson Brady December 09, 2007
a status on the stoner scale
when you are just feeling more than a nice buzz, you are baked.
"I'm pretty baked".
"on the scale?".
"on the scale, I'm about 4.6".
"right on".
by tittyfucking November 05, 2006
Not only high but high and lazy as all hell. Baked is where you are too tired to fucking get off of your couch, whereas usually high means you can still function.
Dude I am so fucking baked as I am writing this.
by TetrisHydraCanofbeanoil March 17, 2009
to smoke a shit load of weed.
I just smoked a fuck load of weed and god...im baked.
by fonzie. November 23, 2006
to be high as the sky
"man we are so baked rate know"
by stoned420todeath November 10, 2007

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