To Kush Connoisseurs, there are two types of weed:
Sativa: which is rich in THC, and gives you that up there HIGH

Indica: which is rich is CBD, and gives you that couch-lock STONED

now, the defition of to be baked, which is to be HIGH on THC and STONNED on CBD
in other words, high+stonned=BaKeD ;D
dealer: so how was that grandaddy purps i chopped ya yesterday?
dude: shit bredjin i got so bakedddddddddddd off like 6 bowls last nite i cant remember i was so high and stoned
by Le Kronic March 26, 2013
Baked is a word commonly used to describe being high on cannabis. However, this word is used regularly.. it is somewhat restricted to people who smoke 'Sprayed Weed' (the nasty shit). In other words someone who is yet to be a cannabis connoisseur.
Wow man! I'm Fuckin Baked!
by connoisseur101 June 24, 2010
Adj. word used to decribe something or someone that is very cool or awesome.
Jack: Dude, there's Stan!

Bill: Stan is so baked!
by Irish48 December 21, 2009
retarted, stupid, lame, innocent, retarted, silly, innocent
Lets say I didn't add up a math problem right..
so then maybe someone would say
"Wow your 'baked'!"
OR Example #2
Someone: Wow the sky is blue.
Me: Wow are you baked?
by zabbb! March 31, 2008
To Feel Stupid Or Dumb
2+2 isn't 5 it's 4 So You're Baked.
by D33zNutz1nHD March 23, 2008
To lose badly. Syn: beaten, abused, burnt, destroyed, crushed, demolished
The Oklahoma Sooners got "baked" in the title game against vs. USC 55-19
by R.Ruckus January 09, 2005

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