To Kush Connoisseurs, there are two types of weed:
Sativa: which is rich in THC, and gives you that up there HIGH

Indica: which is rich is CBD, and gives you that couch-lock STONED

now, the defition of to be baked, which is to be HIGH on THC and STONNED on CBD
in other words, high+stonned=BaKeD ;D
dealer: so how was that grandaddy purps i chopped ya yesterday?
dude: shit bredjin i got so bakedddddddddddd off like 6 bowls last nite i cant remember i was so high and stoned
by Le Kronic March 26, 2013
Verb; to do sexual things with the one and only Bobby Baker. This usually happens at a concert of some sort, usually Brad Paisley. One who get baked is most of the time under the influence of a large amount of alcohol and/or drugs. He/she does not realize that they got baked until the next morning when they are hungover and already dont feel good.
Friend1:" bobby just hooked up with that girl over there"

Friend2:"That bitch just got baked!!"

Friend1:"I dont think she even knows that she just got baked"
by Jed8397 May 17, 2014
to be high every day. uncontrollabley high you laugh at everything.
andre andrew kevin and michael in homeroom everyday are so baked!
by raiiderrrss April 20, 2009
A state of senselessness and irrationality, as if due to the effects of substance intoxication.
'My wife just divorced me because she caught me eating out that blonde's ass and my friend is suggesting I persuade her to remarry me by offering HER anilingus! The man's utterly baked!'
by avantgardeporn March 24, 2016
What happens when you put food in the oven at the bakery
We went to the bakery and got some baked goods! It was lit. Can't wait for karaoke night at the bakery.
by Dwarfcalzone January 18, 2016
when cake or meat is ready to be eaten
the pound cake mother has made is baked
by touchscotty November 14, 2008
to have so much dough(money) that it needs to be baked.
teen#1 maaaaaaaaan i seen a 50 cent vid and this guy had so much dough that it was baked.

teen#2ikr man i wish i could have that
by BBB100 May 18, 2011
you are so high that you can bearly walk, or you are so high that you pass out.
Damn i am so baked!
by and you care why? March 18, 2003
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