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The Baked Noodle refers to a pathetically limp penis being baked in a vagina that is most likely bored, probabaly somewhat sleepy, and definately bone dry. This emasculating manevour is reserved for only the most miserable of shrimp dicks. However, the shrimp dick that manages to blow his load desipite his noodle being baked takes admirable resliance. Despite such tremendous effort, the Baked Noodle remains distressing and worthless.
The man starts of strong. His noodle is impressively stout. However, his lack of brawn, grit, and possible gayness results in his noodle being cooked. This an unbelievable and utterly mornful scenerio. He is no longer a man, and most reteat in complete and terrible shame. His only chance at some mild form of redemtion is to force, no, strain his Baked Noodle into a deplorable, weak orgasm. Although he has blown his load, he has left his woman completely unsatisfied and most likely a little disgusted.
by CavemanBossDoot July 06, 2011

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