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1. A condition or degree of obviousness or denseness.

2. Might also be used in certain phrases as a desolate attempt to catch people's attention.

This term is only used by either AOL kiddies or the gayest of the queers on certain forums.
1. "OMFG Justin Timberlake is such gay baitness"

2. "Weekly baitness here!! Please someone read my post because I don't have a life outside of this forum."
by Enmitix December 11, 2003
A term used to slander someone, used by homophobes who are afraid they may be gay themselves. Also see queerbait
This playlist is baitness (translation: it sucks and I'm afraid I'm a homosexual)
by LordRaven December 12, 2003
A state of being in which one feel like they are "The bait", or extemely good-looking.
Iman: "Boi! You not even tha bait!"
Nicolas: "I am, you just can't fully comprehend my level of baitness."
by Imanwaswrong June 20, 2010
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