1.Boston's Breakfast of Champions.
2.Bostonian for Beer.
My father used to be a Hood Milkman with a delivery truck and route and he would bring home the 5 gallon containers and it would piss my mother off when I would drink it all so she would bair my cereal.
by TheMadman1 November 15, 2009
Top Definition
another word for sexy or hot
"Hot damn, he's so bair."
by Julia's gay friend March 14, 2005
1: good

2: alot

3: very
"dis blad was ge'in bair vex boy!"

"you go' bair knives blad!"

"dat is bair!"
by pronagermizer June 16, 2005
short for butt-hair.
what happens to you when you laugh and cry at the same time.
Man, I was laughing so hard at the comedy show that I cried. Then suddenly my butt started ta' itch!
by Eric April 19, 2005

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