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1.The act of quiting in midgame. Usually associated with cryptic, lame excuses designed to cover the real reason; they just cant cut it.

2. The behavior of a "non-hacker", quitter, wimp etc.

3. Walk away from a serious or solemn obligation obtained under false pretenses leaving your friends, associates and supporters in extremis.
Dave: Affter we had sex for a solid month, I saw she was getting serious, I was bailin like Palin and getting the hell out of there.
Bob: Nice.

Coworker: Your emails to that slut in your secretaries office were just made public. What are you going to do?
Boss: Bailin like Palin...see ya.

Football fan: When TO doesn't get the ball he's balin like Palin
by gfeet July 04, 2009
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