A very gorgeous, kind and brave woman. Adorable and child like and yet wise beyond her years. An activist and an old soul. She is about as radically feminist and leftist as they come, and very stubborn about it. Can be overly sensitive and emotional at times but very empathetic and tries to see the good in everyone. Incredible eyes. Always beautiful, but she doesn't believe it and is very self conscious and can't take a compliment. Very smart but again, doesn't believe it and yet everyone has or has had a crush on her at some point. People fall in love instantly, but she's a victim of her own charm and beauty, a heartbreaker and a self-admitted slut so be careful.
"Look, there's Bailey at that protest!"

"Bailey is totally the full package, I heard she has several lovers."

"Bailey is lovely, too bad she doesn't believe it.
by WTME May 10, 2013
A beautiful smart girl who doubts herself on everything. She goes to church but is a whore and likes to sit with her legs open. She's very funny and drinks a lot. She has a lot of friends and is very popular. She doesn't have lasting relationships but hooks up often. Her smile lights up rooms and has silky smooth brown hair. She is tan and has hazel brown eyes. She is compatible with any boy.
Boy 1: Dude, did you see Bailey last night?

Boy 2: Well yeah! I totally fucked her afterward!
by Xxxxxx xxxxxxx December 24, 2012
In the sport of Disc Golf, any putt that hits the basket.

This is usually partnered with the "donkey" for side betting purposes.

"Playing Donkey/Bailey" (a side bet): Game in which players keep track of "donkeys" and "baileys". In the case of "baileys"- The first person to hit a basket hits the "b", the next to hit the basket hits the "a" and so on until bailey is spelled...then..every "bailey" after that pays!
You hit a "bailey" and you pay everyone on your card.
"Stuck it in the bucket.... nice bailey"

"ooo0, bailey, perhaps you should try lifting your putter a little... but, hey, it wasn't a donkey "

'Bailey, you hit the basket so much I'm gonna start calling that a "bailey"!'

This game is played on the National Tour
by Flyin_G <payed 1st bailey January 10, 2012
A VERY short girl. Often called midget, or short stuff. VERY loud, and outgoing. She's very good at making a Snooki poof. "Bailey" likes to party and get crazy off of mountain dew.
Dang, Bailey so hot. I just cant resist midgets!
by Babosa Cool April 11, 2011
To unknowingly interrupt someone when they are having sex by phoning them or texting them.
"I got 'Bailey-ed' last night while fooling around with my girlfriend. Completely ruined the mood."

"My girlfriend is coming over tonight, so don't 'Bailey' us!"
by Needles 0) July 03, 2012
Any person with this name is commonly refered to as a stupid hoe
Whoa that person is a total bailey!
by joe432566786 December 08, 2012
Extra kinky. gives amazing head. Loves biting, nibbling, and other kinky things. She's a swallower. Very shallow. Huge tits, incredible eyes, long tan nice legs, HUGE tease, if you fall for a Bailey don't tell her, because she'll put your heart in a blender and rip it into shreds. She can either be the coolest, sweetest most awesome person you've ever met.. Or the biggest bitch you've ever met. She holds grudges, so don't get on her bad side.
she'll lead you on forever. However, she does fall for boys she's so incredibly insecure and gaurded she never dates. She's an amazing friend and will take a bullet for Her friends any day. She's close to very few and trusts none. She is a master manipulator, and can always get her way, with anything. If you find yourself with a Bailey... Watch out
Dude Bailey broke my heart today
by Brandon lee A B C Jacobs July 04, 2011
The Baileys are a family of inbreds. They all look exactly the same and have tiny heads. Being called a Bailey is the ultimate insult.
you're acting like a Bailey
by realshitdude November 11, 2012

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