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Cutest girl ever. Smart and funny. Has the best body, ass and boobs. And even though she gets guys, she's the most loving, caring, & LOYAL girl you'll ever meet. She's very sweet and nice, but not if you eff her over. She's emotional but is also cold hearted. She's THAT girl. 😍 She's the girl that every guy wants, and every girl wants to be. And she's so humble.
Example #1
Boy #1: is that Beyonce?

Boy #2: na man, thats Baileigh
Boy #1: man, I want her
Boy #2: naw man, she doesn't FW just any guy

Example #2

*Girl #2 walks out dressing room so Girl #1 can see her outfit*
Girl #1: omg girl! Weeeerrrk 👏

Girl #2: how do I look? Is this okay? >.<
Girl #1: Yesssss ! 😍
Girl #2: how cute is it? 1 to Baileigh

Girl #1: ooo girl, not a Baileigh, but dang thats cute! IDE give it a 9 😍
by $o$ July 27, 2014
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Baileigh is a gorgeous goddess who everyone loves. She is flawless and knows it. She has perfect hair and perfect freckles. She is fiercer than Beyonce and Jaylo combined. She's gonna rule the world someday.
"Oh my gosh!! It's Beyonce! No, it's Baileigh."
by Thisgirllll August 31, 2013
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Baileigh is a cat who likes Justin Bieber. She's going to be a rapper one day. She's the HOMIEST HOMIE on da block. She likes to sing, it makes her happy and she likes to eat marshmallows.
Cat: Meow
Baileigh: meow meow I'm the alpha male.
by bobbbyjoe September 15, 2011
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