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Pronunciation: just like "bahoonies" (ba-HOO-nees).
Definition: A very important piece of male genitalia that consists of the scrotum, which holds and protects the inner testes. Also, the testes themselves.

Although pronounced the same way, bahooneys is not to be confused with bahoonies, which refers to a large set of female breasts (tits, gazongas, knockers).
Used as an euphemism for balls.

"Jeez! Ease up on that serve, bro! That last one nearly crushed my bahooneys!"

"Man, this party sucks big bahooneys!"

"You've had enough of that cock already. Now focus on the bahooneys!"

"By accident, Ricky rammed his bahooneys into a parking meter."

by NeverMindWhom July 19, 2008