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When somebody is not nice they are baguys. This is similar to bad guys, but a hybrid of the two words together. The plural form of baguys is bagi.
When you are rude to your friends you are being a baguys. When your friends are rude to you then they are bagi.
by rustydagooguys October 21, 2011
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N,V,Adj - To hurt, break, lose, steal, wreck anything - To be baguyed; To baguy someone or something; Adj. denoting stupidity or shamefullness
1 - "I was baguyed" 2 - "Jim was Baguyed by Sally" 3 - "Baguy Devin, he dropped the plate guy." 4 - "Miguel is all baguyed"
by Devo May 03, 2003
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