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A person who sucks dick for the enjoyment of the taste of cum.
Person: Fuck that kid is such a baggot

Baggot: Yum, I love dick.
by Cheamuthfuckabitch December 02, 2008
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An alternative spelling to the word 'faggot'.

The 'B' is representative of someone being a bag and the rest a faggot, implied the bag being useless and empty on the inside.

Typically used in conjunction with 'shat', the past tense version of 'shit.'
Senial: You're a dirty labrat who couldn't find his way to the cheese.
*takes Panlis's bookbag and dumps contents onto the floor*

Panlis: What an asshole, you're no better than that ugly over there... Shat baggot.
*throws Senial's uneaten lunch at a nearby poster, which also falls to the floor*

What will happen next?!?!
by (9+10)x2 = 42 | 42x10 = 420 March 22, 2017
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A guy that genuinely is a prick, who walks up and down Hastings Street wearing nothing but pants and shades. This native Noosian sprinkles sand on his feet to make it look like he has been on the beach. They also tend to hang a bag over their shoulder and glide on their skateboard, hoping to one day buy a female a slurpee.
What a baggot.
by Gee Dox April 13, 2015
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A word used largely by duechebags or tools that believe they are hilarious when they use it. All users of this word don't understand that they just look like idiots when they use "baggot" only to turn to each other and laugh obnoxiously, oblivious that no one around them finds what they said to be funny.
Person #1: Excuse me, could you move away from my car
Deuchebag: (slowly moves, in a lazy fashion, mutters to friend): What a baggot!

(Obnoxious laughter)
by Stan Kingston October 08, 2009
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a word derived from "faggot" and "baguette". used as an insult to replace faggot for comedic effect, or when your girlfriend doesnt like you making fun of queers.
usually said in a loud, slightly higher than normally pitched voice starting quickly and ending just as abruptly.
"you're a fuckin baggot, kid!"
by Grave February 07, 2005
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Random activities performed to confuse strangers, such as baa-ing out the window of a moving vehicle
Lets go baggoting in town
by Beerman January 05, 2003
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Baggot is an Irish name. It was given to the toughest police officer in town.

What would happen if a teenager was arrested he got a onetime get out of jail free card.

If he said my dad is a cop the police were supposed to bring the kid to his father’s house and the father was supposed to beat the kid until the police said it was enough. This was supposed to be a onetime thing only for teenagers. They would do this even if the father wasn’t a police officer.

For kids whose dads were in jail or were dead they would say, "I am Mr. Baggot's friend." The police brought the kid to Mr. Baggot’s house. He would beat the kid up until the police said he had enough.
The name would usually be given to the toughest police office but was often given to a civilian. If Mr. Baggot was a police officer who made it to the age of retirement without losing a fight he would keep it as his family name.
I am Mr. Baggot's friend
by joeyt89 April 08, 2015
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