Baggins is a derogatory term derived from Bilbo Baggins, or "Bilbo Douche Baggins."
Also see Douche Bag.
"Man, You are a Baggins!"
by Box25 May 07, 2009
A cardinal sin for engineers or those preparing to become an engineer. Most of the sins are based on not drinking during the major alcohol celebrations of the year.
You're not drinking on St.Patty's day? You be baggin big time bro.
by drunk'n'disorderly March 16, 2011
to put stuff in a paper or plastic bag
Billie Joe Bob is baggin' the lady's groceries
by Cassi Ballweg May 11, 2005
A common surname in the Shire, and the surname of one of the main characters in Lord of the Rings. Frodo Baggins, and his faithful *gardener* ((ahem)) Samwise Gamgee.
Creepy Nazgul/Black Rider: Shiiiiiire.....Bagginssssss
by Becca March 02, 2005
When someone does something bad, or something you didnt like, instead of using lame words like horrible, stupid, lame, terrible, or dumb, you use "baggin" The opposite of waggin
Dude, did you see me just kick that puppy?' 'Yeah man, that was pretty baggin
by Luma Generation July 26, 2011
A dildo.
Dude, is that a baggins in your bathroom?
by Chodelicious August 25, 2009
To make lots of money
That dude has the coolest car. He must be baggin!
by Eric July 20, 2003

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