Nickname used for short people from New Zealand.
"Oi baggins you egg chaser"
by Matt4579 May 05, 2006
(Bag, Bagged) Getting the number of an individual through attraction. Taking the contact with intentions of a relationship.
You stay baggin girls.

Yo! I Just bagged hat girl right there.

by sfyjntf December 19, 2008
something small, but virtuous, and willing to go the distance.
Wow, this pair of socks is really baggins.

Man, I can't believe that protest group is so baggins.
by ianbennett December 16, 2009
noun - a persons nut sack. see scrotum
leave my baggins alone
by swishrocski March 09, 2004
the practice of being hung in an S&M dungeon in a string or other type bag while various sexual acts are performed on the captive "bagged" person
"I'm going to Birmingham/bristol this weekend to do some baggin'"
"Fancy some baggin' this weekend in the local travellodge"
"I was bagged up all weekend"
by gareth sumnall August 18, 2008
getting on my nerves
making me upset
my teacher keeps baggin on me.

by booze101 January 16, 2008
To be wearing baggy clothes.
I'm baggin' in my pants that are too big.
by Paul Wiesler April 02, 2005

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