(n) A slang word used for weed. This was made up so that friends could talk about weed in the presence of teachers or family members.
(v) Also used to mean "Smoking weed"
(n) You got bagel for tonight?
(v) You tryin' to bagel after school?
by T-wit-it July 15, 2005
so drunk that you're toasted...another word for being toasted.
Man I drank so much last night. I was totally bagel!
by regan January 03, 2005
To be hit with tremondous force, usually when one is not expecting it.
McNabb just got bageled by that linebacker!
by Dantastic September 01, 2005
1 million US dollars from moving weight
he was able to get his paper weight up to a bagel.
by heavyhitter October 30, 2007
a jewish kid being the coolest in school who is the master gamer
all jews can be bagels in the school when other people arent
by mgcearth June 19, 2006
In County CLare in Ireland we call a redneck a bagel, fuckin no idea where it originated.
The town was full a bagels last night, white shirts
by Annie April 07, 2005
"Hip Young People" often replace the phrase "awesome" or "the shit" with "the bagel," as a new form of slang.
Dude, that was the bagel!
This video is the bagel!
by Ian Manternach August 14, 2008
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