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Another thing an early bird can get.
"You know what they say: the early bird gets the worm... or was it the bagel?"

-Luigi M.
by Manonthe3up March 01, 2009
Slang term for a spliff; a large cigarette with cannabis inside.
"Pass the bagel."
by altmaker March 02, 2009
this is a person that smells of mary jane, and is far better than any spoon or toaster... but not exceeding the greatness of a plate.a bagel is known best for pleasing females in any way possible.
yo did u smell that weed. no that was just a bagel.

oh my god bagel is so good in bed... who needs a toaster if u can have a bagle.
by bigpimpin April 25, 2005
The word Bagel is a slang term for a 10GBP wrap of Heroin in the UK.
I have just scored off of bill and he said hes only got a couple Bagels left, so if i was you i would see him quickly before he sells out.
by Sam T F October 08, 2008
It means anything you want it to mean. Another word for cool, sick, or rad. Also can be used as a substitute for a swear word when expressing anxiety or anger.
That was sooo freggin' bagel.
by vassia.69 October 04, 2009
Any person that has not been baptized, and is not sure if they would like to be or not. This nickname is the result of the creation of the nickname Doughtnut, as well as others like Muffin, Waffle, and French Toast. (Look only at the definitions provided by 'Relic' to see what each means when used as a nickname.)
He may be a bagel, but it doe not mean he is any less threatening then a french toast.
by Relic January 15, 2005
A Bagel is another word for a Panic! At The Disco fan.

This term was founded during the MMM awards on MTV.com when Panic! At The Disco won by a close vote against 30 Seconds To Mars.

Killjoys are to MCR as Bagels are to P!ATD
Hell yeah, bro. All of the Bagels will be there!
by Bagel4Life April 14, 2011